Every step of Engineering Staff Management
in one place.

Inspector Search

Never let anyone slip through the cracks again. Find the right person for the job every time.

Certification Tracking

Easily keep track of everyone's certifications so that you know who's up-to-date and who's not.

Project History

Make resume writing easier by keeping track of each inspector's project history in one place.


When you need an inspector in the field tomorrow, you need an answer in minutes. Search for people based on their certs, experience types, and more.

Inspector Histories

Keep track of every person's certifications, past projects, experience types, preferences, and rates. Never guess again whether someone is up to date on certs, has the right experience for the job, or should be getting a pay raise. IDB keeps track of it all for you. Even keep track of past conversations.

Staffing Chart

Let IDB keep track of everyone's current assignment. It will show when peoples' assignments are ending and show when the end date is getting close, so that you can line up their next jobs and keep everyone working.

Are you ready for IDB to make your life easier?